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Phelix roadmap

November 2018

Chicago ILADS 2018

Louis Teulieres will be presenting
December 2017

Investigate the use of phages and phage-encoded enzymes as novel therapeutics

September 2017

Isolate and characterise lytic and temperate Borrelia phages

June 2017

Present and Future Research in the UK workshop, Edinburgh

Dr Jinyu Shan, invited speaker for Lyme and other tick borne diseases, Edinburgh, 1 June 2017.
May 2017

‘Enquete de Sante’ 30th of may 2017, France 5, TV program on Lyme Disease

Dr. Louis Teulières invited as Panel Member of the TV program
May 2017

JID’IMVT, Strasbourg, 8 June 2014

Dr. Louis Teulières conference at Journées Internationales D’Information sur les Maladie Vectorielles à Tiques (JID’IMVT)
May 2017

IV International Conference on Antimicrobial Research (ICAR), 29 June -1 July 2016, Malaga, Spain

Dr. Jinyu Shan Invited speaker
May 2017

15th Lyme Disease Action Conference, September 17, 2016, Cambridge, UK

Dr. Jinyu Shan Invited Speaker
May 2017

ILADS European Conference, Paris May 2017: Development of Bacteriophages Targeted Against Borrelia

Dr. Louis Teulières Invited Speaker and Dr. Jinyu Shan Poster Presenter at International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) 7th European Conference, Paris, 19-20 May 2017. Interview of Dr. Teulières :
May 2017

First round of validation of phage-based Lyme diagnostics was completed against 222 patient serum samples

This was a preliminary work for a clinical trial to compare the specificity and sensitivity of our phage-based test vs. ELISA, Western Blot (IgG, IgM) and PCR 16S
April 2017

Mastering of the enzymatic-protein production with lytic properties

February 2017

Dr Jinyu Shan visited Professor Shengce Tao at Shanghai Jiaotong University to established the pipeline for lab manufacturing two Borrelia phage enzymes, holin and endolysin

Both enzymes are predicted to have ‘anti-Borrelia’ activity
February 2017

Presentation at University Hospital Raymond Poincarré Garches

Exhibition of the preliminary data and concept of the calibration study
January 2017

New phage-based test improvement with very high sensitivity and specificity

December 2016

Phage-based Lyme diagnostics was optimised and validated in lab against lab Borrelia cultures

November 2016

ILADS 17th Annual Scientific Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 4-6 November 2016

Dr. Jinyu Shan Invited Speaker and Dr. Louis Teulières Panel Member of International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS)
November 2016

First calibration protocol for the phage-based test

October 2016

AONM Conference, London October 2016: Neuroborreliosis, Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr. Louis Teulières Invited Speaker
September 2016

Design of new Phage-based Lyme diagnostics (Borrelia spp.)

June 2016

ILADS 6th European Conference, 10 – 11 June 2016, Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Jinyu Shan Poster Presentation at International Lyme and associated diseases society (ILADS)
March 2016

University of Leicester awards £35 000 to Phelix for innovation work on Borrelia phage

February 2016

Finished the optimization of Borrelia spp. culturing & temperature sensitivity tests in the lab

February 2016

Setting up of the tick collection network across the UK

January 2016

Euroscicon phage London meeting, January 2016, London, UK

Dr. Jinyu Shan Poster Presentation on 19-21 January and conference on phages on 27-29 January
November 2015

Development of the bacteria based and phage based PCR technique for detecting Borrelia spp.

September 2015

Oxford Bacteriophage Conference – Phages 2015, 1-2 September 2015, Cambridge, UK

Dr. Jinyu Shan oral presentation on “Phage in medicine, food and biotechnology”
September 2015

14th International Conference on Lyme Borreliosis and other Tick-borne Diseases, 27-30 September 2015, Vienna, Austria

Dr. Jinyu Shan Poster Presentation
June 2015

First scientific contact with veterinary authorities and breeders, in order to study animal reservoirs and phages prevalence

Retour sur la présence de France Lyme et du Dr Louis Teulières lors de l’AG annuelle de l’APCLD le 12 juin 2015.
June 2015

Tick collection started & dissection technique mastered

March 2015

Dr. Ying Jia joins the research team

February 2015

Prophage induction of Borrelia spp.

January 2015

Dr. Jinyu Shan joins the research team

September 2014

Professor Martha Clockie masters the correct technique to grow Borrelia spp. in a lab

May 2014

Collaboration signed between Leicester University and Phelix

April 2014

Creation of Phelix Research & Development and Phelix France

February 2014

Dr. Louis Teulières on TF1 French Channel

Watch the replay from 15 minutes 20 seconds:
October 2013

Dr. Louis Teulières, François-Xavier Louvet, Pr. Martha Clockie & Pr. Christian Perronne initiate the idea of collaboration

July 2013

Dr. Louis Teulières has the idea to study Borrelia spp. phages

May 2013

François-Xavier Louvet & Dr. Louis Teulières begin their collaboration

November 2012

Conference on autism, 15 November 2012, Paris

Dr. Louis Teulières conference on “Autisme et troubles envahissants du développement, des solutions pour aujourd’hui”
July 2012

Dr. Phlippe Bottero meets François-Xavier Louvet and introduces the concept of chronic infection

February 2012

TV program on autism origins, FR3 French channel