Phelix Research & Development is a medical research charity. The charity works hand in hand with Phelix France, registered in France as an ‘Association d’Intérêt Général’.

Its team is a strong co-partnership of healthcare professionals (practitioners, immunologists and university researchers, amongst them Leicester University) and volunteers, working together to reach the charity’s key objectives.

Phelix was set up with the aim of researching diagnostic techniques, prevention methods and, ultimately, treatment plans for chronic infectious diseases thought to be responsible for some of the main neurodegenerative and neurobehavioural conditions. Overall, we intend to protect and promote the health of the general public.

Currently, the charity is focussed on supporting research surrounding bacteriophage viruses and their potential uses in chronic infection. Could bacteriophages provide an alternative to antibiotics, providing a solution to the problem of increasing antibiotic resistance, one of the largest threats to global health?

Before reaching this stage, research is required in the development of new and more sensitive tests for such chronic infections.

The genus of bacteria identified as a target for research being carried out by the Phelix team initially is called Borrelia spp. Many of the species within this genus are commonly known to be carried by ticks and lice and can cause Lyme disease, if spread to humans.

Simultaneously, work is being done to give further insight into the pathology and physiology of major neurodegenerative conditions, specifically neuroborreliosis, autism spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease. This investigation is to provide a firm basis for Phelix’s future research into the relationship between chronic infection and neurodegeneration.

Phelix uses a variety of means to fulfil its mission objectives.
These include:

  • Funding relevant research programmes (e.g the Collaborative Research Agreement with Leicester University).
  • Organising fund-raising events to support our research objectives.
  • Organising scientific meetings, educational programmes and training courses in the relevant scientific areas.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary and international research synergy by financing exchanges between laboratories with corresponding aims.

More generally, Phelix undertakes these and other associated activities to serve public health interests by facilitating the advancement of scientific research in the field of chronic infectious diseases.

Phelix Research & Development  is a charity registered in England and Wales with the Charity Number 1156666 (under the Charity Commission regulation and supervision).

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Phelix France is an ‘Association d’Interet General’ registered in France under the RNA Number W751223662 (regulated by the French Law).

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