2017 Objectives


1. To Develop a phage-based Lyme diagnostic method

  • Phelix is now looking for a partnership with a world leader for Lyme disease and other tick-borne related illnesses testing.
  • We are seeking approval from the French Health Authorities to conduct a clinical trial with carriers versus a healthy control to test the specificity and sensitivity of the phage-based test for Borrelia spp. and to compare our test to the Elisa, Western Blot (IgG & IgM) and PCR of current official commercial tests.
  • We are in the process of comparing the sensitivity of the phage-based test to LTT Elispot tests.

2. To Isolate and characterise lytic & temperate Borrelia spp. phages

  • Phelix will work in partnership with veterinary agencies to search and isolate Borrelia phages in the bacteria’s natural environment.
  • We will investigate lytic phage activity in Borrelia’s natural environment and ecosystem.

3. To Investigate the use of phages & phage-encoded enzymes as novel therapeutics

  • Our research lab can now cultivate and harvest the natural phage-encoded enzymes with lytic properties.
  • The next step is to carry out tests to discover the effectiveness of these phage-encoded enzymes, before moving to an animal model.