We need you

Phelix relies entirely on donations to fund a range of research projects on Lyme disease, its diagnosis and its treatment by specific bacteriophages. This research and these same strategies will also serve another great cause: the identification of infections involved in the onset and morbidity of serious neurodegenerative diseases, particularly autism spectrum disorders. 100% of your donations go to research, as our team is made up of volunteers.

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By making a donation to our charity, however large or small, you’ll be helping contribute to the ongoing fight against infectious disease. The Phelix team are grateful to those of you who have already made the decision to donate!

Your impact


You will be helping to increase the awareness of chronic infection and the role it has to play in neurodegeneration.


You will be supporting the search for alternative treatment to the increasing strain on global health caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria.


You will be helping bring a new and effective diagnostic test to the medical market.



Phelix Research & Development is a charity registered in England and Wales with the Charity Number 1156666 (under the Charity Commission regulation and supervision)

Phelix France is an ‘Association d’Interet General’ registered in France under the RNA Number W751223662 (regulated by the French Law).